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Can ULS Technology plc (AIM:ULS) Find Its Groove? Technical Review & Update

In taking a look at some key indicators for ULS Technology plc (AIM:ULS), we note that the current Book to Market value for the firm is at 0.210419. The Book to Market or BTM is calculated as Market Value (or Stock Price)/Book Value. Investors often look for shares with high Book to Market value as this could indicate that the […]

Canada Goose Holdings Inc (GOOS.TO): Signals in Focus

Looking at stock market performance over the last few months, new investors may be worried that they might have missed out on some fantastic opportunities. With so much information and data available, they may not even know where to begin when getting into the stock investing arena. Everybody has to start somewhere, and becoming knowledgeable about the basics may help […]

Percentage Price Oscillator is Above the Signal Line on Shares of Severn Trent Plc (SVT.L)

Watching the numbers for Severn Trent Plc (SVT.L), we have identified the PPO is presently above the signal line. Traders may be watching this reading to gauge if a bullish move will follow. Investors have many things to keep an eye on when trading the equity market. Riding through the ups and downs that come with market volatility may take […]

KAR Auction Services, Inc. (KAR): -DI Recorded Above +DI on These Shares

There are various ways that the individual investor can approach stock picking. Starting from the top-down, investors may study overall market trends. This may include examining different sectors looking for the ones that are poised to prosper in the future. Once potential industries or sectors are identified, the investor can then start to sift through individual stocks within those groups. […]

Sell-Side Sees Upside & Positive Growth in The Descartes Systems Group Inc (NASDAQ:DSGX)

Shaers of The Descartes Systems Group Inc (NASDAQ:DSGX) have been recommended as a long term growth pick.  With the firm’s stock price currently trading around $26.93, the firm has proven a solid track record of growth over the recent years.  Investors might consider the stock as a long term growth candidate as the firm has yielded 6.30% earnings per share growth over the […]

ITS Group (ENXTPA:ITS)’s Cash Flow Moves -1.58976 YoY

ITS Group (ENXTPA:ITS) has seen year over year cash flow change of -1.58976.  This is calculated as the one year percentage growth of the firm’s cash flow from operations from their publicly filed statement of cash flows.  Cash reserves are an important element for an investor to consider when analyzing a stock.  A continued reduction in cash flow could spell trouble […]

ExlService Holdings, Inc. (NasdaqGS:EXLS)’s Cash Flow Movement Hits -1.00000

Investors looking to take advantage of cash heavy shares, they might look first to the cash flow of a company, and how fast that is growing.  ExlService Holdings, Inc. (NasdaqGS:EXLS)  currently has one year cash flow growth of -1.00000 1yr Growth Cash Flow = 1 year percentage growth of a company’s Cash Flow from operations (Cash Flow Statement). Analyzing cash flow can alert shareholders to […]