Author: Oracle Staff

Is Gannett Co., Inc. (GCI) Worth a Look With an ERP5 of 697?

Gannett Co., Inc. (GCI) has an ERP5 rank of 697. The ERP5 score was designed by the MFIE Capital team. It combines the Greenblatt Magic formula with ideas developed by Graham & Dodd, who advocated the use of 5 to 10 year smoothed earnings to cover full economic business cycles and dampen the effect of expansions and recessions. Finally it […]

An Inside Look at the Technicals For The Wendy’s Company (NasdaqGS:WEN) as CR Reaches 2.52

The Current Ratio of The Wendy’s Company (NasdaqGS:WEN) is 2.52.  The Current Ratio is used by investors to determine whether a company can pay short term and long term debts.  The current ratio looks at all the liquid and non-liquid assets compared to the company’s total current liabilities.  A high current ratio indicates that the company has little trouble managing […]

AO Signal in Focus For Ishares II Plc (IUAA.L)

Ishares II Plc (IUAA.L) market momentum is building as the Awesome Oscillator (AO) is showing a down-trend in the name over the past 5 bars.  Awesome Oscillator shows the difference in between the 5 SMA and 34 SMA. If to be precise, 5 SMA of midpoints is subtracted from 34 SMA of midpoints which allows to see the market momentum. […]

Wilder Moving Average Spotted Above the Simple Moving Average for Brightsphere Investment Group Plc (BSIG)

Following the numbers for Brightsphere Investment Group Plc (BSIG), we have recently recorded that 21 day Wilder Moving Average is higher than the 50 day SMA. Traders may be watching this reading to see if a strong near-term trend is evident. Following all the day to day information regarding publically traded companies can be challenging. There is rarely any shortage […]

Trade Signal Alert For Thunderstruck Resources Ltd (AWE.V) Shares

Thunderstruck Resources Ltd (AWE.V) shares are being watched closely by traders as the Awesome Oscillator signal is revealing a downward trend building over the past five bars, signaling that market momentum is building for the name. The Awesome Oscillator (AO), created (and aptly named) by Bill Williams, is an indicator which is able to show what is happening with driving […]

Consensus Broker Ratings in Focus for Twist Bioscience Corporation (:TWST)

Sell-side analysts often undertake stock analysis to give their opinions of whether they believe that shares should be bought, sold, or held. Using ratings provided by analysts to Zacks Research, we can see that the current average broker rating on shares of Twist Bioscience Corporation (:TWST) is currently 1.67. This consensus rating uses a number scale from 1 to 5. […]

Trading Monitor: Zooming in on Shares of Superior Uniform Grp (SGC) Pivoting at $17.67

Narrowing in on shares of Superior Uniform Grp (SGC), we can see that the current 20-Day Bollinger Bands signal is currently reading Hold. This short-term indicator can be used to help identify oversold and overbought conditions. The signal direction is presently Bearish. Following another signal, we note that the 10-day moving average Hilo channel reading is currently Sell. This indicator […]