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Sophiris Bio, Inc. (NASDAQ:SPHS): 20 Day Upper Keltner Reading Touches 1.1007764

As earnings season kicks into high gear, investors may be analyzing the numbers and trying to decide what to do next. Investors may be choosing to buy companies that have a proven track record of solid earnings growth. Other investors may be looking to spot the diamonds in the rough that haven’t necessarily broken out yet. It may be wise […]

Insight Select Income Fund (:INSI) Under Review: Hull MA Moves to 18.767593

Often times, investors are faced with challenging portfolio decisions. Maybe there are a few stocks that have outperformed expectations by a large margin. Investors may be hesitant to exit a position with the fear that the stock may have much more room to run. Investors may have to decide if the time is right to cash in and take some […]

Is Amarin Corporation plc (NasdaqGM:AMRN)’s -0.892436 ROE Enough For Investors?

Placing Amarin Corporation plc (NasdaqGM:AMRN) shares under the microscope we note that the firm has a current Return on Equity of -0.892436.  Simply put, this ratio determines how well the firm uses investment funds to generate profit.  This ratio is often considered “the mother of all ratios” as it often reveals how well a company is operating. New traders may face many […]